A few fun Spring Ideas

Hey everyone

I know I’ve been MIA for a while but I’m back and ready to show you all what I’ve been up to…

First I wanted to re-share some older posts from the blog about a few fun Spring Ideas


Floral Fabric Headbands


A little Lace & Denim Shorts


Little Black Dress


Covered Button Earrings


Zippered Pouch


Trucker Hat

I’m not one to share everything that is going on in my personal life on my blog, but today I’m going to fill you in on a few things going on with my family and I.  Originally I started this blog to share my ideas and hopefully promote a handmade business. I didn’t want everyone knowing everything about me. I wanted to keep a balance between the two.

So far this past month my family and I sold our house in the outskirts of the Desert and moved to a suburban neighborhood.  This is very new to us, but the kids are loving it.

 I have also been Homeschooling our three kids since August of 2013.  I knew it was going to be hard but I had no idea it was going to be like this!!!  I have to applaud any family that is homeschooling kids… It defiantly takes time and patience.  We have our good days and bad days.  Mondays are usually Meltdown Monday because if my middle son or my daughter isn’t crying, I’m crying all the while my oldest is rolling his eyes at me as if I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about and I’ve never been 14 before and just don’t get it.  But by the end of the week we seem to get a lot done and ready for the weekend.

With all that said it’s been really hard to make time for myself and what I love or want to do and that is create. By the time we are done with school, chores, lunch,errands,dinner and whatever else; I’m mentally and physically exhausted.

I just want to take a nap!

So I’ve been a little busy this week, month, year!

I love my family and just want the very best for them and

  hope someday they will understand.


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Multi~strand necklace top with a flower Refashion #8


My little Drama Queen was so little back then but this t-shirt refashion was fun and all we needed was some fabric paint and a flower pin to dress it up. So sweet!

Originally posted on Drama Queen Seams:

 I just love fast and simple projects.  It’s amazing what a few painted polk- a -dots can do to a tee…  Just to add some extra embellishment to spruce up a plain t~shirt.  The possibilities are endless.  You could do so many designs with fabric paint.  Did you know now they even have fabric paint pens?  I used the paint pens to make the chain connect the polk -a- dots on the tee so it looked like a multi~strand necklace and added a cute little flower to the side.

Just a little paint and a flower is all this little tee needed to add a little pizzaz to it.  You could also make some really cute boy t~shirts too with skulls or trucks or even some mustaches…  How cute would that be?

Have some fun and paint your t~shirt!

If you missed anything here are the links to other projects in the :)

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Floral Fabric Headbands


With new Spring flowers blooming and warmer weather here, I wanted to create a project that represented just that. So I came up with a few fabric headbands. Jo-Ann makes spring crafting easy during National Craft Month with a $5 off $25 or more coupon and a spring crafting inspiration website to help you create that wonderful spring project. I know […]

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