I love Oil Cloth

This is the best tote you can have.  It works so well for going to the pool or the beach.  Also works great for a pic-nick basket.  If it gets dirty or wet no problem, just wipe it out.  Good as new.
Brown and Pink totes.  So cute!
Had also made a basket liner and a splat mat.  The mat also works really good at the park when the grass is still a little damp.  Made this stuff a few years ago but I think it’s time for some new ones.

Oil Cloth! Oil Cloth! Oil Cloth! I love Oil Cloth!

Leave a comment and I will give away an Oil Cloth tote in color of your choice.  Will pick a winner Oct. 5



  1. I love oil cloth


  2. Dont think I have every seen or felt oil cloth before. I have made a park mat for the grass before but I used the fabric which you use to make table clothes. Good luck with your business!


  3. That's hot jeanna, can u custom make a dog tote? I have a lil cream colored Chihuahua, and she needs a purse for me to carry her in when we go places.


  4. they are soo cute you do such amazing work


  5. That basket cover is smart. would be great holding produce like onions and potatoes. They always seem to leak some , so this would be good to use cause you can just wipe it out. I like the colors too. so festive. definately an eye catcher, which is great cause you don't want to misplace it.


  6. think this stuff might be worth a try with the rowdy grands usually in tow. hope it is easy to sew.


  7. I own one of the totes, and absolutly love it. I usually fill the tote with too much, and am so impressed with the durableility.Keep it going girl, your doing great.


  8. What a great idea, I didn't even know what oil cloth was. You do such great work!


  9. Hi Jeanna..If I don't win a bag I want to buy one.I've seen them at want one..Love ya Auntie Lynn


  10. didn't know oil cloth was still around. I remember grandma having a table cloth out of it for picnics. Love your red and purple bag. I use cloth bags for shopping and don't use plastic. this bag would be great for cold items. Keep the creativity flowing.


  11. Love this.. i am planning to make one very soon.. thanks for sharing 🙂


  12. Peggy Sullivan says:

    These bags are adorable. I have always loved oil cloth. They would make a great bag to carry Molly’s (our adorable 40 lb mutt) supplies in when we go to the Arboretum for picnics. She has allergies so we have to take baby wipes and such with us and wipe her paws when she is done playing to get the pollen off. What a great idea.


  13. Great idea! I wonder if that would work for a raincoat? I just made one out of pleather for my son and it was a turkey! I swore I’ll never make anything out of pleather again!


  14. Lianne Coates says:

    I’m off to buy oilcloth today! You are so inspiring!!!


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