Ruffle shirt Refashion

Turned and old top into a new one.
Had an old top, but it had these funny floppy ruffles around the arms that just didn’t work.  I looked like I was wearing my daughters shirt.  Ha Ha.  Took the ruffles off and added them to the neck line along with some ruffled lace I had.
First ruffle all the way around the neckline.  The rest of the ruffles only went in the front of the top. Layering one each under the top layer.  
I added 5 ruffles to the neckline.  I like the look of odd numbed embellishment’s .
The finished top.  Turned out great.  Pair it with jeans and a sweater for fall.  Cute!


  1. Love this, think your mom needs one.Keep it up JeannaLove You Mom


  2. Love that KOOL shirt!!!



  1. […] already do a lot of refashion projects here and you can see a few of them by clicking on the links Ruffle shirt, Mellow yellow dress, Hot pink lace trim tee, Altered jeans.  But I wanted to challenge myself […]


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