Apron’s, Apron’s and More Apron’s

A basket full of pretty aprons.  What color would you like?  I would like one in every color of the rainbow.  Red, green, blue, purple, pink. You know what I mean, how do you choose when they are all so cute.
Fall is here and all I want to do is bake.  Lot’s and lot’s of goodies.  Cake, cookies, pie, bread, muffins, and more.
Just gave one of my friends an apron for her Birthday and she loved it.  It was funny she had our family come over for dinner and she was wearing her new apron while cooking dinner for us.  Love it.

Are they the cutest, or what?  Might just have to put a sweater over it and wear it to town as a top.
Even men like them.  Hee Hee.  Can you tell he didn’t want me to take his picture.  I caught him doing his man chores. Awesome!  Love you Dad.


  1. Oh Jeanna, That's great.You know I can't keep you dad out of my aprons.Love youmom


  2. EWW mom TMI!!!


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