Tutu Shirt #2

One of my good friend’s saw my post on the Tutu shirt and wanted one for herself.  She brought me all the materials for one and I stuffed it in my project box and forgot about it.  Well I found it the other day and felt terrible.  So I busted it out as fast as I could for her.  Called her up and told her it was done and she was thrilled.
You take your t-shirt and some 2in. strips of chiffon or sheer weight fabric.  
I don’t know how many strips I had, maybe 10.  I also serge up both sides of the strips.
Then it’s time to play.

I start layering and layering.  Starting up at the neckline.  Stitch in place gathering as you go.  Add another layer and so on until you get the desired look you want. And your done!

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