To Much Stuff

My hubbie told me something very interesting the other day that made me re-think what our house needs and doesn’t need in it.  My husband told me he was listening to talk radio on his way to work and heard that most households have twenty-five thousand dollars worth of extra stuff they do not use in there home.  Is that not the most crazy thing you have ever heard…  $25,000 dollars.  

This is what I found just in two rooms in our house.  Un-played with toys, clothing, bedding, books and movies.  This was just the first day.  I’ve been on a mission now to DE-clutter the house and be much more simple because it’s only things and things are not that important in the long run.  My kid’s have certain things they play with on a regular basis and these were not them, so I think they need to go.  Who knows what I’ll find tomorrow.  What can you find in your home?


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