I’m in Love with my new Headband, necklace, bracelet…

One of the projects I’ve been working on…   It’s a headband!  No wait it’s a necklace!  No it’s a bracelet!  I’m still not sure what to call this any suggestions would be helpful.

Just an old t-shirt.  All you need to do is lay your Tee flat and cut 1 inch strips through both layers of the tee.  
Once you have all your strips cut pull the strip as tight as you can to stretch it out.  This will make long twirly tubes.

You can braid them or twist them together.  Add some ribbon to or a flower to dress it up a bit and you are set.  Would make great gifts too.  So any of you ladies that I will see for Christmas no peaking…



  1. Love, Love, Love these! So pretty!


  2. love it these projects look great, new follower here xxx


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