Color Crayons

I had seen a few posts on turning your old broken color crayons into new ones.  Thought it would be fun for the kids.  I was wrong.
I didn’t thing about how I was going to get the melted crayon’s out of the tin and into the mold.  I didn’t pay attention that the mold I had was for ice and not heat.  I’m a dork.  So I took an old medicine dropper and transferred it that way to the mold.  It didn’t work very well as you can see it splattered a lot.
This was the second attempt in mini muffin cups.  I put the  color crayons into the fridge to harden faster.  This is a very time consuming project from peeling off crayon paper to waiting for the wax to harden.  The color crayons are fun and pretty to look at and if I had the silicon molds to make them in it may have been funner for us.
Our peanut butter cup color crayon’s.

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