Christmas Card Gift Tags

I know Christmas is over but before you throw out those Christmas cards just yet here’s a project for you.  Just think of it this way one less thing you have to get next year is gift tags and you can also admire the pretty cards you got from friends and family one more time before they need to go away.

All you need is…
paper cutter
Circle cutter
cutting mat
Christmas cards
hole punch
I laied my card out flat and tore it in half at the fold.  
Then I started cutting away.  I was able to use the back of this card too.  There was no righting on it or bar code.   You can use what ever parts of the card you want or don’t want.   I’m having problems with my computer so wasn’t able to upload last picture of tags.  You get the idea, don’t you?  I was able to get 12 different gift tags out of this one card.  With all my card I got this year I was able to cut them and get a shoe box full of tags for next year or other gifts I may need to wrap this year.  Have fun and get the kids into it.


Made in a Day


  1. how smart are you. I love this idea. Thanks for sharingKalleen


  2. I found you through the Handmade Gifts link party.I love reusing Christmas cards for something new!


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