$Dollar Store Hurricane’s

These are all the variations I came up with for my hurricane’s.  Even made a candy dish/ candle holder.
I have seen everyone making these hurricane’s and have been wanting to make some because who really wants to spend $15 pulse dollars on one at Target or Michael’s?  Not me.   Pulse if it turned out cute they were going to be awesome gifts for Christmas.  Kid’s had been painting on the paper earlier, sorry for the unprofessional look.  
You will need two candle sticks from the lovely $Dollar store, glass vase, and E-6000 adhesive.  This stuff is great.
Put some of your adhesive onto the candle stick and I just eyeball it and place your vase on top trying to center it.  Ta-DA done.  Just need a candle.  Simple.
Here they are next to the ones I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond for way to much $.   The hurricane’s were such a huge hit at Christmas that my sister was amazed and wanted to take them away from my mother who I made them for.  May be she should make some herself or will get a pair from her sister just because.


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