Hair Clips that make you smile

Drama Queen and I made a few new hair clips over the weekend, although it looks like I was a little bit of a drama queen in these photos.  But when you put hot pink feathers in your hair what person could resist putting on a show.
This is how they turned out.

I think it looks so girlie in her hair.  Plus she just had to wear it to dance class that night, feathers and all leaping threw the air.

This is a barrette with some black feathers and a little tulle bow doesn’t it look fun but chic to wear?  I can’t wait to wear them out and about.  


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  1. Love them. Their kinda sophisticated, very beautiful. You girls did great. Looks like your having to much fun and both look like drama queens. Love you girls,Mom and Grandma


  2. love the looks of them! so fluffy and fun!


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