No Cost Crafts (update your plain purse)

This is my new updated purse that has a great new look that cost me nothing.  All I needed was a little imagination and some stuff from my closet.  Fresh and new.  Now there is no need for me to go out and buy or make a new purse right now maybe another day.

A few supplies you will need to pull from your closet…
-Skinny belt
-Flower pins or Barrett
Plain purse I pulled out from the bottom of my closet.  Loving this color.
Just a flower pin and Ta-Da a new purse for the spring.
I’m going to use this little clutch  when my lovely husband takes me out to dinner for the big V-day.  Won’t that be to cute with a little black skirt and a coral colored sweater.
More flowers, can you tell I really like flowers right now.  It’s so girly.
Maybe a skinny belt.
Or a cute scarf.
Now I know everyone has a bandanna around there house.  Go get it and tie it onto the handle of your purse.  Cute!  Have fun and be creative at no cost.


I’m linking up over at tatertotstatertots and jello this weekend for wrap up party.  Come check it out.


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