Picture cups for the kids

Custom picture cups.  Cute aren’t they?
I had found these cups at the $Dollar Store back at Christmas time and new I wanted to dress them up for the kids.  I’m just now getting around to this craft.  I get distracted easily or start another project instead.  I have to stop that.

All you need to do is remove the inside paper and print your own pictures out on plain paper or you could use scrapbook paper.  I wanted these cups to have pictures of each child on it so I would know who’s cup is who’s and so no one would be fighting over what color they wanted.

I made a collage using Picasa program  but I should have printed it smaller than 8×10 so I could get the whole collage in the cup. But I’ll know for next time when we are ready for something new.  It will work for now.

Here are my prints and them I placed the original paper out of the cup on top of my picture.  Traced around it and cut it out.  Slipped it into the cup and done.  Simple, fast and a brand new one of a kind cup to take in the car.  Cute and cheep!



  1. Jeanna, finally got around to taking a quick peek at your blog…nicely done! Your ideas are great =). Michael


  2. What a cute and inexpensive idea! I'm sure the kids love them!


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