Re-do Vintage Necklace

This is my new necklace I made from an old one.  I inherited all of my great grandmothers costume jewelry and never really new what to do with it.  But then I got one of those Aw-Ha moments and this is what I came up with.
You will need an old necklace that you had or found at a yard sale or a junk store.  You will also need some ribbon and two jump rings.  
I don’t know how long my ribbon is but all you need to do is lay the ribbon around your neck to where the two ends meet the necklace and depending on where you want the necklace to fall on you and cut the ribbon to length.  Then you will need two more pieces of ribbon the same length and braid them together.  Remove the old chain from your necklace and replace jump rings onto the end of the necklace.  Thread your braided ribbon through the jump rings and tie in knot.  I burned the edges of my ribbon so it wouldn’t fray.  Now try on you necklace.  You could also use a bracelet for this project.  I added a flower pin to the side for some extra pizazz.  
Tell me what you think of my new but old necklace….



  1. This is super cute, and a great idea! You should link it up with Robin at her party! It's here:


  2. Thanks girl. I will defiantly do that. Always love th positive feedback.


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