Giveaway winner and Valentine Treats

So lucky lady Chantel has been randomly selected for the wristlet giveaway…  Woo-hoo!  It is a darling little wristlet with detachable fabric key strap.  Thanks everyone for participating in my little giveaway.  Will have to do another one soon.  Thanks again for the support.


Now onto our Valentine Treats!

The kid’s and I came up with this idea for Valentine treats this year.  I guess you could say I came up with the idea and I made them participate and help put the treats together.  We have almond bark pieces  in Cello bags to represent a piece of my heart.  And of course I had to take there picture with the heart sign for the tags.  I was inspired by Cheri from I am momma hear me roars  post on the kiss from Rex.  Cute huh…
So we have some stuff to make almond bark candy:

Almond Bark
Almonds chopped
wax paper
glass bowl 

Melt your Almond bark according to the package directions.  Then once melted add your chopped almonds and combine.  That’s it.  Easy.  Instant candy.  Yum!

Know I know how it looks right now but it is good.  So ignore the fact that it looks like you know what.  Try to keep a straight face and be serious with your boys when they are being gross and silly.  Boy’s!  Spread out candy onto a sheet of wax paper and let cool.  Maybe 5 to 10 minutes.  Then brake into pieces.  
This is what you get.  You might have to sample a few to see if it’s any good.
Here is what you will need for packing up the treats.

Cello bags (got in Target’s $1 bins)
hole punch
card stock with kids pic and message printed on wallet size layout

Not much else to it but to assemble them together.  Cut your card stock tags out punch a hole through the tag and the treat bag.  Thread your ribbon through and tie into a knot.  Done.  One down 75 more to go…  With three kiddo’s that’s a lot of Valentines.

Finished product.  I think it’s cute and different.  Do you think there classmates will like it?  Let’s hope so.  If not they can bring them home and I will be there Valentine and eat all the Almond Bark candy.  Wait that’s not good for my butt.  Hee Hee!

Happy Monday 


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