Girl’s Dance Leg Warmers

Cute little leg warmers to wear to dance class made out of women’s socks.  Here she is busy skating around the house.  But she did wear them to dance latter that day.

The leg warmers are made out of women’s long socks.  I found these ones at Target. ( My son told me his teacher said, she pays Target’s electric bill with as much money she spends there.)LOL!  I am guilty too.  I need to stay out of Target  it’s my weakness, so much cute stuff.  Anyway these were $1.50 a pair.  So you will lay them out  flat and cut off the foot.  Right at the heel.  Then cut the heel and toe off.  The center piece you will use for the edge.  Fold the center piece of the foot in onto it’s self.  Place it onto the sock and stitch raw edge to raw edge.  Flip out and done.  No need to finish edge, it will never be seen.
Done!  Ten minutes tops to make.  Off to dance class.


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