Ribbon Bracelet


Do yo have a chain bracelet in your jewelry box?  Do you wear it?  Well here is a quick and simple way to jazz it up a bit.


I need some cute pink sandals to go with it…

All you need is some ribbon any color you like to weave in and out of your chain.  Try to stay with a similar width as your chain.  I looped the ends back through and wove the ribbon back through the underneath and tied them together in a small knot. You will never see the knot on the underside when finished.
Quick, simple and fun for little or no cost.  You should try to make one yourself.
Look what just a little ribbon can do…  I love it!  I think I just might have to wear it today.

Tip Junkie handmade projects


  1. I really Like this. i have been wanting to make one forever I I keep putting off, you have re- inspired me. Love the Pink!!Anne


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