Bunny Tail Tutorial

I thought it would be cute and fun to make a bunny tail for Spring time pulse I was nominated to make tails for drama queen’s dance class…  I’m finding out that if people know you are crafty they find all kinds of projects to do. LOL.  You know I love it when I get asked to do anything crafty.
Feather boa, pin backs, felt, pen or pencil even a color crayon will work  and some kind of template for you circles.  You will trace around your template onto the felt with your marker of choice and cut out the circles.  
A felt circle and 6 inch piece of fluffy boa is what you will start with.  I started gluing around the felt and then came back and added another piece of the boa on top of the first to give it a lot more fluffiness and dimension to the tail.  But whatever floats your boat, I say do it.

I placed another felt circle over the original and glued down only using small amount of hot glue.  Then you will glue pin backs on.  I used two so the bunny tail wasn’t flopping all over the place.  Depending on the size of your tail will determine how many pins you should use.  
Glued pins down and then glued a strip of felt over the top of the pin backs.  Also as you can see I like the look of pinked edges, but it’s up to you.  
Little bunny fufu ( foo foo) bunny Tail.


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