This is how I roll!

This is me…  This is how I roll!   I am a messy crafter and I jump from one craft to another craft.  It’s crazy!  I am spread out all over our dinning room table.

Stuff is even all over the chairs.  Crazy!  Am I the only one who crafts like this?  I try to be organized, but then I will just bring out several boxes of projects and scatter them all over the table too.

On a nice note it was my B-day yesterday so I had some cake and ended the day with a nice bubble bath and a movie.

Maybe it’s time to change my polish.  Have a good one today.


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  1. Glad to see you had a nice ending to your birthday. Happy birthday. And glad to see you didn't drop your nice camera in the bubbles. BTW, you're not the only messy crafter. I'm a messy desker…


  2. Thanks! You are to funny…


  3. Haha I'm the same way -and I think it drives my husband crazy:) Love that you got to have a bubble bath for your birthday. And that cake looks amazing!!!!One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book


  4. Happy Birthday!I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who likes to "spread out" when I craft, lol. I'd imagine there are a lot of us out there…we've all just become experts at taking careful pictures!


  5. I craft the exact same way…. There is always interruptions so i don't get to finish what i started at the same time… And it's such a pain to put it all away to pull it alllll back out again !!


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