Leopard print mini backpack

Here is a sweet little mini backpack any girl would love and a matching flower in the center of the bag for the finishing touch.  The Drama queen thinks everything I make is for her, as it should be.  But I do get custom orders from people and unfortunately she is my model and then has to give it up.  Poor baby.    She loves to deliver the finished product.

The backpack has a tie on each side to pull in the sides of the bag for that backpack look and makes it lay against the back nicely.  It also makes it easier to open it up wide and find what your looking for.  I hate that when the bag doesn’t open wide enough to see what’s inside.

Lined the inside with hot satiny pink.  A few pockets for the cell phone and lip gloss.  Magnetic snap closure to boot.  Now off to make one for my little drama queen and one for me.  
Pose for the camera drama queen.
Love it!


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  1. adorable! great job!


  2. Way too cute! I love the color combinations!!!


  3. Love this! Love the fabric choices & colors. So cute.


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