Mellow Yellow Dress Refashion

Didn’t this re-fashion turn out so cute?  You see what happened with the dress was it was supposed to be a re-fashion for myself but it didn’t work out to well for me so Drama queen lucked out plus she needed an Easter dress anyway.  Win win.
Had some extra fabric so I was able to  make a rolled flower to put on the front of the dress and a cute headband to match.
Cutie pa-tuti!

Okay this is how the dress started out.  Last summer I cut off the top of  this dress that was mine and thought I could turn it into a cute summer top.  Yeah right!  It didn’t work at all for me in the chest area if you know what I mean.  So this half cut up dress got thrown in the half finished project box under my sewing table and forgotten.  
So what I did was cut off the ties on the sides of the dress and used them for the shoulder straps on the dress.  I had enough left over for a rolled flower and headband to boot.  As for the top of the dress I was going to fold over the top raw edge but I kind of liked the ruffled look so I just used my serger and over locked the edge instead and it turned out great.  I placed a pleat in the center front of the dress so it gave it some more dimension and also brought it in some of the extra bagginess and made it more fitted for her.  Placed the flower over the pleat and stitched in place.  Done!  New Spring dress.


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  1. Very cute easter dress!Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!!!


  2. Very nice… I love it!!


  3. Very cute! I love yellow!JamieS@ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom


  4. Very cute! It looks so sweet on her.


  5. Sooooo pretty! She looks very nice in it and color is beautiful. Be Blessed, Mtetar



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