Ruffled neckline Top Re-vamp

I had this hooded T-shirt for awhile and it was plain and needed an update.  Plus I was always pulling down on the neckline.  You know those kind of tops that want to choke you after so long.  I’m totally sucking in my muffin top you can so tell in this pic. Quiet, don’t tell.   Hee hee!
Paired up with some pearls and a tank.  Cute!

I cut a semi-circle in the neck of the T-shirt.  You could use a small plate as a template if needed.  Top stitch around the edge so the neckline wouldn’t stretch out to much.
Cut a piece of knit fabric.  This was a waffle weave type and I just cut about an inch wide by 25 inches long.  You can be the judge on how ruffled you want it, the rule is to double your length.  Pinned it in place and top stitched it down.  I stitched it right in the center and stitched again 1/4 inch in toward the neckline just so it would lay flatter.
Hope you all are inspired to Re-vamp something of yours today.
Something new for nothing.


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  1. That turned out really cute – I like it!


  2. That is so cute! I love making over old tops like this–so much better than going out and buying a whole new wardrobe every time you get bored, right? And the necklace is gorgeous, too šŸ™‚ Great work! Rachel @ Maybe Matilda


  3. I LOVE this! It turned out SO cute. I just got a sewing machine for Christmas from the husband, and I'm kind of scared to use it on anything I might want to wear… BUT this might be the thing I try it on!


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