Fabulous Feet Friday (Flower Power toes)

Flowers and flip flops is how roll.  This is me almost everyday.  Jeans, pretty toes, and flip flops.    If I had a choice of really pretty heels or flip flops I would most likely go with the flip flops.  Crazy huh!
My big toe looks really long in this photo.  Weird?

You need:

Nail color
Topcoat in clear
nail stickers
nail stick

Start off with your color of choice.  I’m in love with pink and white right now.  But whatever color floats your boat is cool.  Let it dry.  Then you will want to put a nice thick layer of clear topcoat over one toe at a time and apply your flowers in whatever design you like.  Finally apply another layer of clear topcoat over toes and stickers so they don’t  go anywhere.  Mine have lasted about 2 1/2 weeks.  

Have a great Memorial weekend with your pretty painted toes.

I also wanted to send a Thanks out to all my Followers.  I hit the big 50 on Wednesday!!!!  You like me, you really like me!  Your awesome!!!!


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  1. Have you ever tried making your own design by hand? Its not that hard- all you need is a toothpick! You can find tutorials on YouTube. I have a picture on my blog,where I show my toe nail art a little bit: http://withoutcomplexities.blogspot.com/2011/04/i-spy-shoes-and-jewelry.htmlYou should try it!


  2. Super cute!


  3. Cute design -I never thought of using mini stickers on my toes but will look at those tiny stickers a whole new way now.


  4. beautiful feet & toes! WOW


  5. Your feet and toes are wonderful!!!



  1. […] keep my little one busy we have painted lots of toes and had at home pedicures at least once a […]


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