Chalk Cloth Tote

I think this tote has been one of the funnest projects I have done.  The end result is awesome.  My daughter just loves it too.  Chalk cloth?  What is chalk cloth?  Well it is a vinyl fabric that is a chalk board.  It’s awesome and there is so many things you can make out of it.  You can find it here if you are interested in making one, but let me tell you it is not the easiest fabric to work with.  If you have sewn with vinyl fabric or oilcloth than you know what I’m talking about.

It’s just a simple tote pattern the easier the pattern the better because once this fabric has a hole in it, that’s it.  There is no tearing out seams or going back.  I do have to say I am very rough on my bags and the oilcloth has held up great.  And if you get it dirty just wipe it clean…  Works great as a beach bag too (wet clothes and sand).  I just love it.

Have fun.
 Any questions give me a


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  1. This is so cool!


  2. Whoah! I didn't even know they make chalk cloth! Super cool, and the tote looks amazing. Gotta try this one.


  3. very cute and perfect for a summer project – could you post on my linky party?


  4. That is so fun! I love the picnic plaid too:)


  5. Adorable! I love the oilcloth on the inside. I want one!


  6. I am your newest follower because this is so cute!


    • Ok, I thought I ptseod my dilemia but I guess not.I was working on this last week. My problem is that I can’t get my felted wool to advance under the needle. It’s too thick! Is there a way to change the height of the presser foot on a sewing machine (not just lift it up and down but raise it for this project)? Otherwise, I may have to hand sew it and I don’t think it’ll be as strong. I’ve read my manual and looked online but nothing so far.I have a cheapie Singer Simple machine…$99 special from Wally World. I’m a fairly new sewer so this is new to me. Help!!!


  7. I would love if you could link this up to my Delicately Constructed Friday!! Thanks so much!Have a great weekend!


  8. I LOVE this! How cute and perfect for summertime! I am so glad I found you over at delicate CONSTRUCTION! I am your newest follower. I would love it if you would link this up to my Summer Lovin Soiree! a great weekend! :)CrystalHomemaker in Heels


  9. this is really cute! i love the red!


  10. This is so cool! If I was any good at sewing I might try to copy your genius. For now I can just appreciate it. Thanks for sharing


  11. love it, I love bags and totes. I would love for you to link it up to my party that is running now. Any linky goes. strut your stuff.


  12. I pinned . . . must try this! 🙂


  13. can you tell me which pattern you used for this tote? it’s adorable.



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