Altered jeans tutorial

I just love to make this denim skirt out of old jeans.  Let’s say your you lost some weight  and your jeans don’t fit around the waist anymore ( yeah for me) or you have to many pairs of carpi pants you can alter them into a skirt as well.  Maybe you are just tired of your jeans, that’s okay to.  Let’s cut them up and make something new for summer.
Paired with a tank or a cute t-shirt and some accessories you are styling.

Can you tell I love it?  I feel so sassy.  Summer here I come.
Now I just need to get a tan on them legs.
Okay I hope the pics are large enough for you to get the idea.

1.  Lay out your jeans flat both legs together, one leg on top of the other.  Mark with a pen at the knee straight across and cut the bottom half of the leg off.

2.  Now you have Bermuda shorts.

3. Take your seam ripper and open up the leg.  You want to open the leg at the inner thigh.  Up and around the crotch area to the other side.

4. Now you have an open skirt.  You will need to take out the stitching up almost to the zipper.  Lay the center front flat overlapping the other seam.  Repeat on the backside of the skirt.

5. Now lay your skirt flat on your work surface.  You are going to need the bottom half of the leg you cut earlier.  Cut the leg open staying as close to the seam as possible.  Place that flat piece of denim on the inside of your skirt pin in place and top stitch.

6. You can see that here.

7. Same for the back of the skirt.

8. Once the front and back of your skirt are stitched in place  I lay it out flat and fold it in half length wise and measure down from the waist band to where I would like my skirt to fall.  Me personally I like my skirts to be above the knee or right at the knee.  Then cut it.

9.  Top stitch around the edge at 1/2 inch in.  I like to run another stitch around the edge for more of a professional look.  Throw it into the dryer for a few with some towels to get the edge to fray a little bit.

10.  Try on your new skirt and your done.  I hope my tutorial was helpful enough for you to make one of your own.  I have another tutorial here  if you need more help.


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  1. I can't wait to do something like this once I have a decent sewing machine. My grandma is giving me her sewing machine this summer.


    • how long is it? where did you get the tab from off the tie that was sewn on and how long? Most tutorials have bteetr instructions than this one. I guess I can guess, but you need to be precise in instructions which are more than pictures. How many inches did you measure before cutting and sweing up. Is there velcor to hold the flap down?


  2. thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday – – I just featured you on my FB page



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