An apron made form jeans?

                  Yes, I made a few 1/2 aprons out of old jeans.  Say what? 
 I thought these aprons would  be cute for the summer BBQ weather. 
 So you know that they must be girl friendly with ruffles and ribbon of course.
  Watch out I’ve got my apron on and a hot grill to boot.
Now how could you not have fun with that smile. 
Whatever I make my daughter wants one too.  So typical. 
 But I love it.
Say Cheese!


I made my half apron with pleats and a leopard print ribbon for the tie.   
This one a could almost pass as a skirt. 
Don’t you think?
How fun is this?
This is a full apron using the whole pant leg that my girlfriend wanted.  So I just timed it out with some fabric and added a pocket.
A little rugged and country style so you can get your jeans dirty.  So the next time your Hubie is ready to get rid of his old jeans stop him because you can use them to make a BBQ apron.  So have fun with this project, be creative and go with whatever makes you happy.  This could be a great summer project for you and your kids to do and then you could wear them as you make an awesome BBQ meal for Father’s Day!  Go Dad’s!


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