Desert Sunrise

I’m so sorry that I was not ready for today’s post.  I wanted to have some thing fabulous but you know how distractions can take over your day or two maybe even three.  Since the kids have been out of school it’s been nothing but chaos around here and it’s only been a few days.  I defiantly need to get some activities together for them and myself.  So we can have a relaxing but productive summer.  I thought you all might like to see some pictures of where I’m at in the desert.  So I took these awesome pictures of the sunrise last summer.  This is the view out my front door at like 6 in the morning, you know before everyone is up.  I like to have one cup of coffee before the crew wants to wall-er me to death.  LOL!  I just love the sunrise and sunset here in the Southern California Desert, it’s mornings like this that inspire me to make or do something creative.  The desert has it’s own unique beauty.  Gorgeous! 
What inspires you? 
I so need to make a pintrest file for all of these ideas I keep coming across.


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