Chic and fun Silver tip toes with glitter

Classy, chic, simple, and still fun.  A glittered base with silver tips.  Awesome for any evening out.  If only I had somewhere to go.  A date with the hubs would be nice.  I’m going to have to work on that one.  
You will need:

Clear base coat
Iridescent glitter polish
silver polish
Clear top coat or top base combo works well

Remove old polish from toes, soak in nice warm soapy water bath.
 You can use your awesome sugar scrub at this time too.
 Rinse feet and dry.
 Moisturize them up with lotion or cream and paint on your base coat polish.
 Then apply your glitter polish, brush the tips with silver and finish with your top coat.
Ta Da~ new and improved toes.
Love it!
Have fun ladies, 


Tip Junkie handmade projects  Todays Creative Blog Nothing But Country


  1. So fun and glittery! I thought about trying to use real glitter, but I was afraid it might be a big mess:)


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