2-Two minute necklace

Okay ladies, this is a last minute project when you have no jewelry to go with your outfit and you need something fast.  Well I have an idea for you.  2 – two minute necklace with lots of statement or creativity.
I had bought some Blue Moon beads Frosting decorate yourself necklace cord and ribbon at Joann’s awhile back for 0.97 cents.  Score!  Wow that was a mouth full.  Did you get that?  All you have to do is add your pendent.  I new I had something that would work at home in my massive stash of stuff or lets call it a collection of craft supplies.  Yes that sounds better.
In-Sta necklace!
I use a sea shell my daughter and I found on the beach down in Coronado, CA the shell already had a hole in it.  Lucky me!
  I just love it down there.
 It’s so beautiful.
Anyway hope this is some help to you.
Lots of luck.


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  1. Cute idea for a new piece of Jewelry!


  2. Great job! I love using little treasures that I already have. So pretty and easy too!


  3. What a bold piece. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


    • OMG, those are too cute.. And great, just what I needed, more eoacurngement to view her site. I have been drooling over her stitch markers forever! Hmm, might have to take the plunge.


  4. it’s a great way to not let things go to waste


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