Do it yourself beaded flip flops

OK ladies this one I have been wanting to do for awhile.  My niece had the most awesome pink beaded flip flops I have ever seen I have no idea where she got them but they are so cute and you can see them below.  My niece is 18 and is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. So I have been wanting to try and see if I could make my own pair.  Her flip flops are a lot prettier but, I think mine didn’t turn out to bad…   

 Love it!

Wore them the other day to see how well the beads would stay on the sandal and got several complements on them.

The beads held up just fine.
Woot Woot!

I didn’t think the beads would stay on the rubber to well so I traced a V shape out of a foam sheet to place onto the strap of the sandal.  Cut it out and glued it on using an epoxy type glue.
Here you can see the foam is glued onto the strap of the flip flop. 
 Now on with the beading!
I literally just spread out some hot glue onto the foam and poured the beads on top of the glue and kind of pressed them down.  While trying not to burn myself.   I worked in small sections.  This is a messy craft so be prepared to pick up beads all over the table. floor and everywhere else.
Half way done.
Done beading but not gluing.  

I used some Modge Podge glue and a paint brush and painted a thick layer over the top of the beads.  I didn’t want any of the beads coming off so thought this was the best and easiest way to do that.  It will make your beads a little cloudy but not to bad.  Let them dry for at least 24 hours before wearing so they have plenty of time to dry.

Just thought I would let you guys in on a little secret.  I take over our dining room table with my projects and stuff. 
 It’s really bad but this is how I roll. 
 Have a great weekend!


The DIY Show Off
Sew Chatty


  1. These are so cute! My 14 year old daughter would love to make these, thanks!!


  2. What an absolutely adorable DIY! Well done. I hope that you will stop by and enter my giveaway.Happy Monday!


  3. I think you did a great job. I love them. I have a pair of sandals and am going to make different things to put on top. It has a wide strap and so boring. Thanks again for the tutorial.


  4. Love them – what a clever idea!


  5. megardengal says:

    Cute flip flop idea! Love the last pic with all your projects!


  6. LOve this post and I’m gonna make them a.s.p., thanks for the great idea !


  7. These are fabulous! Have to ask…. What on earth is the ‘duct tape’ project????


  8. How did the beads hold up? Did they pop off or did the Midge podge help keep them together? I want to make these for my mother in law,but I don’t want to hear her complain that the beads are all over her house 🙂


  9. I actually like yours better than the pink ones! Very cute and I wonder how well it will work with seed beads??


  10. Very pretty and not so hard to do. It is a nice look especially with a sun dress! I will definitely try this spring!


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