Oh my gosh Becky look at her butt!!!

    That’s what everyone will be saying after I eat about 20 of these.  But they look so yummy.  Anything with chocolate, peanut butter and bread is so good in my book.  It’s to bad it won’t make you thin..
  Anyway, I was browsing this morning over at Pintrest  (my new love) and came across this picture and was instantly in love….  Recipe girl has the low down on camping food without going camping.  What?  Why didn’t I think of that?  You can find the recipe by clicking on the link above.

Here is the end result…  Pure heaven.  I tend to make sweet treats when the day has been crazy with little ones running around like a bunch of well kid’s.  The sweets help me stay calm and eat a sweet!  Have a great day and eat something sweet…


Tip Junkie handmade projects


  1. well! I'm not sure I should thank you for posting this. It's a diet buster, for sure! But has that ever stopped me from trying something that looks so scrumptious?? I think not! Can't wait to try them! And yes, THANKS!


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