New Book Love (Customize your clothes)

This is my new favorite book.  Custom Couture by Helene Le Berre.  The pictures are just gorgeous and the models in this book are breathless plus it has great embellishment projects to do with clothes you have in your closet.  Woo hoo!  32 ways to transform your clothes to be exact.  
Drama queen is interested and my son is like what?
He’s not really into the whole clothes thing.  You know boys they will wear something that has orange juice dribbles down the front from breakfast, Pb and j from lunch and who knows what else dirt maybe and he would want to go with me to the store in it too. 
  Not a care in the world.

Anyway back to the book..

Lots of colorful pictures and detailed instructions.

My son cracking jokes at the book and projects. 
What a  Silly!  
He can make us all laugh at the drop of a hat.
She likes it!  She really likes it!
I am teaching her early to love sewing and crafts as much as I do . 
 Is that bad or good?

I should really paint my nails.  Please don’t pay any attention to the bare naked finger nails on the book….  So just thought I would share this book with all of you and hope it gives you some new inspiration for this weekends projects on your list I know it has given me some.
  Have fun…


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  2. That's a very cool idea for a book. I hadn't heard of it. Thanks for introducing it to us!(via TT&J)


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