Glittered tip finger nails

I actually did my finger nails!  Normally I don’t do them because I’m so hard on them.  You know dishes, laundry, mopping, cooking, in and out of the car, typing, crafting, sewing,  all that domestic SAHM kind of stuff.  It really puts a damper on the finger nails staying pretty.  At least for me anyway.  Usually it’s clear topcoat and done.  The toe’s get all the attention. 
Just used a nude color nail polish as my base  
 NYC polish #105 in Starry Silver Glitter for the tips 
Clear topcoat to finish
Once you have painted the nude color on your nails let dry.
Place some lukewarm water into a paper cup add some of your glitter polish
Now dip just the tip of your nail into the cup
Here is a full tutorial on how to do the marble nail polish if you need more info.  I just used one color in the marbling process
Come back with some polish remover and clean up edges of nails and fingers.

It’s kind of a messy project but the end result is so cool.

La- Te -Da! 

Pretty nails!


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