Stretchy Straps for kids flip flops

My daughter had this problem with keeping her flip flops on her feet.  If they weren’t flying off in the air they would fall off when she was in the shopping cart.  I don’t know how many times I would be wondering the store looking for a missing flip flop.  So embarrassing.  So this is what I did…  I sewed my own elastic straps to the flip flops.

You will need:
rubber flip flops
1 1/4 wide elastic
scrap fabric to make tube
fray check
Poke out the bottom parts of the straps being careful not to break them as you do this.  You will need to poke the straps back in when finished.  I just measured around her foot for the elastic and cut it.  The tube was about 1 inch wide and 12 inches long to make sure I had some extra in case.

You will need your elastic and your tube and thread your elastic through to the end of the tube.
Okay it’s threaded.
I wrapped it around the sandal strap and stitched in place making sure the raw edge was on the inside of the sandal.  Did the same thing to the other side and trimmed off the excess string and fabric.  A little fray check and done.
Not bad for 20 minutes.
I thought I would share this crazy little story about what goes on around my house when mom turns her back for a minute.
So one afternoon I was talking to my Hubie inside the house and the kids were outside playing.  The last I saw them they were riding bikes.  When all the sudden my daughter (A.K.A)  Drama queen comes in the house crying hysterically and limping.  I look down and her leg has a huge protruding bulge of I don’t know what was poking out of her leg.  There was no blood on it.  I thought it was her bone.  Nope.  Something was jammed up in her leg.  What it was, I don’t know.  Trying to find out from my son as I’m holding Drama queen what happened.  Of course I got that deer in headlights blank stare.  Finally got it out of him that she fell off a wooden board they propped up onto the garbage cans and were sliding down like a surf board.  “What!” So with not knowing what was inside her leg I took her to the emergency room and of course it was 5 p.m. on Friday night.  Great!
Anyway we get there and it’s packed.  Thank goodness they get her in fast.  
Long story short a 1 1/2 inch piece of wood was stuck in her leg.  A few stitches and we are good to go home. 
 How crazy is that?  
I think this event took place in April and the scar is still tender to the touch. Let me tell you it didn’t slow her down one bit.  I have lots more crazy stories for you at a later time.  
Have a great Wednesday.


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