Photography Challenge at A Step in the Journey

I saw that there was a 21 week photography challenge over at A Step in the Journey and thought this would be a fun challenge and also a commitment for me.  I’m trying to better plan my postings on a regular schedule and figured that this would help me with that as well as brush up on my photography now how.
Today’s challenge a self portrait.  Use natural light and turn off the flash. Natural light has such an awesome effect on your pictures.  The flash puts this dark black hue in the background. 
 I hate that.
So these are just a few pictures I picked out of my stash.  A funny pic, two that I feel pretty, and one that is very oh Natural….

Tell me what you think.  Could I be a model? 
Hope you check it out.



  1. Fun shots! Love your hair! :)I hate shooting with direct flash! It bugs me to no end to see pics taken with direct bright flash. ;p I have a external flash that I like to bounce off the ceiling for indoor shots and still get a natural look. Your photo quality is great! :){found you via the 20 week challenge}


  2. Fun shots- your personality really comes through in these. I found you through the 20 week challenge too!


  3. LOL you definitely have a great sense of humor! I look forward to watching you grow in your photography!Found you through the challenge too!


  4. love your pics! very fun! šŸ™‚


  5. Love your fun pictures!


  6. The first one made me laugh out loud! Your personality definitely comes through šŸ™‚ Can't wait to see what you come up with next week. Thanks for linking up!


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