Get Glitterized with Barbie

Drama Queen and I love love anything Barbie.
So the other day she was playing on and needed some help with something.  I started looking through the site and found a T-shirt transfer to print out.
First you will need to go to
Click on games
Go to Glitterized Fashion
Scroll over to Make a T-shirt
You will click on Make a T-shirt and follow the directions.
Print out your transfer onto transfer paper.  You can find this paper at most stores in there printer paper section.  I found HP transfer paper at Target my favorite store.
Here is my printed out transfer.  The words are reversed so when transferred it is readable.  What I didn’t realize is that the transfer paper I got was not the right kind to do a reverse word print.  So I had to improvise.  Make sure you read and follow the directions on the transfer paper.  That’s just the way it goes for me.  LOL.

Transfer paper

You will need to cut around the design how ever you like.   I also had to removed the words since they were reversed and the iron transfer was not made to transfer that way.  I could and should have cut the design out with more intricate detail but I was being lazy.  It would have looked a lot better.  But you know what,  the girl loved it no matter what.
 She has a new BARBIE shirt.

I added a cute rolled rose flower and away we go.
  It’s a fun, fast, cute project to do with your little one.
Have a great day!


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