5 things to do with a 1/2 Apron

Yes, it’s another apron everyone.  I love to make these fast and fun half aprons to give away as gifts and what not.
 When I first started making aprons I new that I would never wear a half apron so why bother making any…
 Well to my surprise they come in quite handy at times, here are five reasons why you need a 1/2 apron.

1. When sewing (keep pins, scissors, tape measure, garbage, or whatever in it).
2. If you planted a garden works really good as a veggie holder.
3. Planting flowers it can hold your gloves and mini shovel
4. Cooking dinner (tuck a dishtowel into the pocket for your messy hands)
5. Training your puppy (keep treats in the pockets to give him)

You could also wear it out to town and use it as your front pack purse. LOL!

Just something simple and easy to make this week or weekend.  You can find an easy tutorial here on how to make a 1/2 apron.  Enjoy!


I’m over at these parties:  Savvy Southern Style



  1. I totally need me one of these for all the junk I seem to collect as I walk around my house. Why don't things stay in the right rooms?! lol xx



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