Knot Heads (Hair How-to)

I saw Kandee Johnson do this cute summer hair tutorial a few weeks ago and new I had to try it.
  It’s just something a little different than a ponytail or a braid for the rest of summer.  Instead you can be a knot head.
I did Drama Queens hair in two knots like a piggy tail. You can see a video tutorial on how to do this at  Kandee’s website.  The link I have will take you to her main web page so then you will need to click on her July posts because I’m a dork and can’t get the direct post to link up to my blog.
 Operator error.
Kandee also has lots of other cool stuff on her site.  Crafts, make-up how-to, fashion, and more.  Plus she’s funny.  Need a good laugh go watch
 Kandee.  Her Barbie impression is to die for.  I want to be Barbie now just so I can wear that wig. 

Any who, I split her hair down the center like I was going to make two piggies.
Split one piggy in half again and tie in a knot.
Then tie in a knot again
Pin with bobby pins and done.
You need to do the other side.

Have fun!


  Passionately Artistic


  1. Olá,Ficou lindo o cabelo, parabéns!Beijos,Lelê


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