Sunflower and Blue sky (Bold Colors)

Here it is Thursday again and this is what I have for you…
  A bright yellow sunflower straight from my garden.
  Drama queen (AKA my daughter) and I planted a row of sunflowers from seed on a whim in the spring to see if we would get anything.  
Well I guess we did.  
She (the sunflower) is about six feet tall.  
So this is my Bold colors combo pic for the Photography challenge at
A step in the journey blog.
What do you think.
  Is it bold enough? 
 I’m not sure.  
It wasn’t what I was going for but it’s still a pretty photo.  
Hopefully next week I can come up with something awesome-er. 
 Any who have a great day.



  1. Nuttin' says happy quite like a sunflower! It is gorgeous with the blue background!Thanks for popping by my place!Kerry at


  2. Gorgeous photo! I love it!


  3. Sunflowers are so happy! Great photos!


  4. It's definitely bold, and really stands out against the blue sky.


  5. I think it's gorgeous! New follower 🙂


  6. Beautiful!!!


  7. That is an AMAZING picture!!! I love the BOLD yellow against the blue sky. GREAT work. Thanks for linking up!!


  8. Great picture for this weeks challenge!


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