FishTail Braided Bracelet

This is just a fun, fast and simple braided bracelet you can make in the evening while watching T.V.
You will need some beading cord
glue ( I used a craft glue)  to hold your knot from coming loose
beads or a button to place at the end of your bracelet
I started out with 8 strands of cord.  Each cord was 30 inches long and folded them in half leaving a small loop for the clasp.  Now you will tape down your cord and start fishtail braiding.  Leave enough cord at the end to place beads and tie a knot.  When done trim ends or cord really close and dab a small amount of glue onto the knot and let dry.
 Ten minute project.   

Have a wounderful day!


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  1. I love a fun little project to keep my hands busy while watching t.v.Thanks for sharing, this is really cute and easy!


  2. Clever! I love new takes on friendship bracelets!


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