Cucumber Mask and Photo Challenge Wk#5

Attack of the cucumber mask girl!
Her and I both couldn’t stop laughing.
The cucumbers kept falling off her little bitty eyes.

I had so many cucumbers from my garden a few weeks ago I had to figure out something to do with them all.
Pickled some, sliced some up and ate with ranch dressing.  Made cucumber salad with a dill sauce, and finally my little drama queen begged me to let her put some slices on her eyes while she took a bath. Where she saw this idea I have no clue, but it was very cute how could I say no.
So I made a cucumber mask to go with it.

Place one cucumber roughly chopped  into blender 
1/2 C.  Plain yogurt
1/2 tsp. milk

Blend together and apply to clean face.
  Lay in the tub for 10 to 15 minutes and wash off mask with warm water.

Just a little fun thing her and I did. 
Girl stuff. 

The photo challenge this week was to take a pic from a high angle.  I was so tempted to use so many other photos, but I think this one was funny and sweet.

I was featured @ A Step in the Journey for my lazy night dinner post.
You like me you really like me.  
Woo Hoo!



  1. Could these shots beeeeee any cuter?Maybe our girls had a GNO we don't know about! NEVER have I put cucumbers on my eyes, yet both daughters recently asked if they could do it to be "fancy"???Thanks for popping by my place!Kerry at


  2. Hilarious and adorable. Nice shots, though with that cutie subject you couldn't go wrong.


  3. Those pics of your daughter are too cute! And that's a great use for your extra cucumbers. I never have any luck growing those, but I'd love to find a used for the million and one tomatoes we've grown this year! Visiting from the photography challenge. :)Amy


  4. Awesome mother/daughter time! I am so excited for these moments in the future with my daughter.


  5. I love these pictures, and she is just precious. Looks like yall are having a great time. Thanks for always linking up 🙂


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