Mirror, mirror on the wall….

A re-vamped self mirror I’ve had hanging around the house forever and never new where to put it. 
 I think it was just the color.
I ended up putting it in Drama Queen’s room.  She has an angled wall and this small little shelf works perfectly here.
No cost decorating at it best.
Use what you have…
Let’s pretend I’m the fairest of them all.  Just for the day anyway…  
A girl can dream, can’t she?
Some white paint for the self.
Left over from the house, so no cost there…

A little girl to do the painting.  
Teaching her early aren’t I…  
Is it to early?
A little sanding around the edges to weather it a bit (I hate to sand) and some silly kids to help.
New updated mirror shelf for the house.

 Woo hoo!


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