What I wore today!

Hey, It’s Photo challenge Thursday again with a picture of what I wore today…
 Lucky me I had to get in front of the camera again.  So anyway it’s week 7 of the Photography challenge @ A Step in the Journey with Laura Beth. 
 She has the cutest blog.  
Lots of great food recipes too.  

I look kinda mad, don’t I?
As if I’m going to rip that necklace right off.

Navy top (Old Navy)
Grey skirt (Kohl’s)
Silver multi chain necklace (was a gift)
White flip flops (Pay Less Shoes)

Today’s photo tip from Laura Beth is to practice and take your time.
I thought this shot turned out really good but of course it was blurry. 
 I wanted to crop it and pull it in more and it was so out of focus it looked terrible. 
Oh well, what do you do?
Have a great day…


Momma Go Round“>


  1. Love you outfit and your pics. I guess we all could use a bit more practice. I find that I think something is focused, and then when I look at it on the computer, I wonder what I was seeing, lol. Ah well, there's always next week.


  2. How dern cute are you?I always have a blurry surprise when I load my pictures!Thanks for popping by!Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com


  3. That is such a cute outfit.


  4. The third one is my favorite. I love your pose! Cute skirt, too!


  5. Love the first pic especially, it's really cute and fun!


  6. Hey Jeanna, thanks so much for stopping by!!I think that first pic you took is ADORABLE, you look so cute, it's prefect. The last pic is beautiful, and even a bit blurry, it's ok. I actually make some of my pics blurry on purpose, lol. Have a great day girl!!Hugs, Bella 🙂Bella Before and After – Dumb and Dumber Haircut Euro Style Cakes.


  7. You look so fabulous, and I think I have that skirt 🙂 Thanks for linking up, and don't worry…we have 13 weeks to go!


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