Pictures, pictures and more pictures

It’s Thursday again and week #8.  I am so pleased with myself and how committed I’ve been with this photo challenge if I do say so myself.  Let me take a minute and pat myself on the back.  Okay I’m good, now onto the photos.

I took this photo of my doggies Sugar and Cinnamon just because.  The kids and I were hanging out but the pool one hot afternoon and the dogs were up in my face.  LOL!
I had also gotten one of those metal stamping kits at Harbor Freight Tools so I could stamp on metal.  This is one of the projects I have been working on Dog Tags…  You would be surprised what you can find in that store.  Not just Man stuff.  Just tell your hub you want to go check it out and he will be more than willing to go.
 I can’t keep mine out of there.

I thought the stamped washer tags turned out pretty cute.
I have some more projects using the stamping kit that I will share with you later.
Great ideas and gifts for the holiday’s.  Handmade is the best.
Hint, hint…

Have an Awesome day!


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  1. Love that big nose in your face!


  2. Aww, you've got a couple of cuties! Great pics!


  3. Nice shots 🙂


  4. Harbor freight is my hubs little addiction. He has become a coupon clipper because of them! Seeing you cute little stamped washers, I now have to go get one of those kits!LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Aw sweet puppies! And I love that tehy are black and white too!


  6. Now seriously, what an amazing idea! The pup is stylin' now! Thanks for sharing! – Kim


  7. I've been wanting to stamp metal but not sure how to do it. Thanks for the link to a vendor! Visiting from TT&J


  8. I found you via TT&J and I love the washer tag idea! I know my baby would love to have one of his own! Thanks for sharing!


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