Hot Pink Lace trim and a Turquoise Tee

It’s Monday and I’ve been crafting, sewing, cleaning, cooking, driving, and more this past weekend.  Lot’s of great stuff  coming up on the blog for Fall.  
Yeah, cooler weather!  Let’s hope anyway…
Anyway, I had a turquoise tee that was a little to low cut in the front and two short at the bottom.  I didn’t want any tata’s or tummy hanging out. 
 So what’s a girl to do but add some hot pink stretch lace.  Stretch lace is usually used for lingerie but I’ve also seen it on the bottom of cami’s and tank tops too. 
 So I thought why not? 

 Measure around your waist and cut the lace, sew the lace together like you would an elastic waistband and stitch it onto the bottom of the tee trying not to stretch it to much.  I sewed over the existing hem stitching line so you couldn’t see where it was added and it would look as if I purchased it this way.  Same for the inset at the top.  Cut a small triangle shape and placed it inside the neckline and tacked in place over the existing stitch line.

 I loved the color of the lace and it’s stretchy so it would be great to add to any knit t-shirt.  
I think I just might have to make a few more. 
 Lace is the new trend for Fall…
The tee was from Old Navy but you could use any tee you have and the stretch lace trim I found at

One project down a million more to go…
Tell me what you think?  
I always love to hear from you.

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Thanks again.


  1. Would LOVE it if you would link this project up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!!


    • Eamon, the higher the aputrere number, the greater the depth of field. So an aputrere of 10 will focus on more of the flower than a 5. The trade-off is light, which you might find you need more of, by way of adding artificial light, slowing the shutter speed (meaning the number goes lower 100 to 30, etc.), raising the ISO, or using a tripod.I shot this photo in auto because I was holding the camera down near the ground to get the angle and I couldn’t see what I was doing. And I tend to shoot in auto, anyway.


  2. So cute! I love the pink and gray:)



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