Feather Filler balls

Feather’s,  feather’s and more feather’s…

Who doesn’t like fluffy feather’s?  Black and white ones to boot…
Halloween is coming soon so I was trying to get some kind of decor going on here and this is what popped into my scattered brain. LOL

I borrowed, well I guess I just took a bunch of balls from my kids to use for this project.  They will never know their missing.  The ones I used for this project were golf balls.  Covered them with foil (no picture) to cover up all the dirty-ness and went to town wrapping them up in cute fabric and feather trim.  You can find feather trim in the decorator section at your fabric store.  There are lots of tutorials online on how to make fabric wrapped filler balls for your home decor.
Feather trim, cute huh…  Oh the possibilities.
 I’m thinking headbands.
What do you think?
I would love some input on what other projects you would like to see?
Sewing, home decor, crafts, jewelry…
Let me know.


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  1. How cute and clever is this? I would love to see this in a bigger ball, maybe some old Christmas balls or the oversize ones Walmart sells. The feathers look amazing.


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