Oh Sandy!

Week #9 of the great photo challenge over at A Step in the Journey with Laura Beth.  
This weeks challenge was 
A Mess.  
Well this is what I consider a mess the other messes I have at home or in my car are no biggie.  
Don’t get me wrong I love the beach and the soft sand, but when it’s time to go and you have sticky sand everywhere and in everything.
  It isn’t so great. 
 You know what I mean?
And now it’s in the hair too.
What a messy mess this is going to be.

I just love the feel of soft sand in-between my toe’s.
Don’t you?
I love it, love it, love it!

I have to tell you I would do it again and again,
  just so I could sit on the beach with my husband and kid’s. 
 It’s so fun and relaxing.

Here is an actual messy kitchen photo.



  1. Sandy is a great mess to have! We beached on Tuesday and I swear Im still finding sand on the floor. But it's worth it 🙂


  2. A beach is a trip that keeps on giving. It's amazing how long sand can stay with you! Thanks for linking up 🙂


  3. Sand is one mess I never mind, on my toes, on my floor, or in my hair, I love it and I don't care. Love the toes shot!


  4. Great shots! I still have sand left in my car from our many trips to the beach this summer. Oh well, it's like a tiny reminder of all the fun times we had, right? 🙂


  5. Yes, at least it's a mess from something fun!!


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