Together Forever!

Woo Hoo!
Week 10 and I’m still committed and here for the photography challenge over at A step in the Journey with Laura Beth.
This weeks challenge is hands.
I wanted to be creative but nothing was coming to mind.  The husband happened to be very interested in the idea and wanted to participate.

I love when he is interested in my projects.

So I had these His and Hers signs that I bought I don’t know how long ago that I had not  hung up in our room.
 I’m a procrastinator!
My hands in his…  Love it!
He can be very helpful.
Thanks Honey…

Head over to A step in the Journey to find more tips and tricks on picture taking, cooking, and crafting. 
 Have a great day…



  1. Very nice – did you have to use a tripod or self-timer?


  2. Way cool idea!


  3. Quite creative!! You should frame the picture with the HIS/HER prints…a little collage 🙂 Thanks for linking up!


  4. Got to Love It. You two are the Best.Love You Both, Mom


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