Date Night Purse

Let’s go out tonight!
I’ve got a new purse to show off…
I just need a cute dress a pair of heels and a babysitter.
I made this purse out of Awesome eyelash fabric.
It’s so chic and fun.
Plus it’s leopard print!
What woman doesn’t like some kind or leopard print, even if it’s just a little?
Not Me!
Baby pink satin lining and an inside pocket.  Magnetic snap closure to make sure all your essentials don’t fall out of your purse.  The strap was previously from a store-bought bag that was ugly ( why I bought it, I don’t have a clue) so I cut them off and added another piece of black leather and ruffled it for more texture.   Like it needed any more…

I am such a procrastinator, this is the purse I entered in Purse Week Contest over at A lemon squeezy home .I had 5 weeks to make it and I waited until Friday to finish it up.  Friday afternoon that is.
I always wait till the last-minute to finish something.   I’ve gotten better with planing dinner and stuff like that because when you’re not prepared for dinner it’s 6 pm the kid’s are starving and or crying, then what do you do?  (Sandwich anyone).
I’m a Crazy girl!
I do work better under pressure, maybe that’s why I do it?
Anyways this project is done and now I’m on to another one or two.

Hope your Monday is Magnificent!




  1. Such a cute purse! I've always wanted to make one but never been brave enough! Great job!


  2. Great job! How fun for date night!



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