My new favorite color is Orange…

Photography challenge 
A Step in the Journey
 The color Orange.  
I don’t know about you but I am really liking Orange a lot lately. 
 I know it’s Fall time and all but Orange looks really pretty with white, turquoise ( my  favorite color), brown, black even a really pretty plum look chic with orange.  
Do you like Orange?
Tutu any one?
My daughter A.K.A {Drama Queen} loves all things girly. 
 I do too, but that’s not the point.  Hee Hee!  
 I have been making a lot of tutu’s this past week. 
Halloween and all is coming soon. 
One that I finished with white tule and Orange ribbon’s. 
 I also added a few little orange mum flowers to some of the ribbon ends.  
 Can you have to many tutu’s as a little girl?
I think I need one.

Happy Tutu Twirling!


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  1. There is such nice movement to your photos and the orange really stands out. So nice.


  2. What a cute little tutu!! I am also loving orange and have been adding little pops of it to my style…not that I have much style ha!


  3. Aww love that tutu! Girls must be so fun 🙂


  4. Pretty! Lovely effect!


  5. Very pretty! The orange ribbon really adds that little touch of whimsy!


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